SOSNA Neighborhood Schools Project

Safe Pathways to Our Schools

The SOSNA Vision Zero Committee’s Neighborhood Schools Project will improve the safety of four intersections at two public elementary schools, E.M. Stanton and Chester Arthur. Specifically, it involves the creation of curb “bulb-outs”, highly visible painted pedestrian areas, and vertical delineators to protect the crosswalk areas at four key intersections. 

As part of the project, SOSNA will be collaborating with Mural Arts Philadelphia to develop a series of street murals in protected pedestrian areas that will help draw greater awareness to pedestrians and contribute to neighborhood place-making. 


  • ​Create safe pathways to two neighborhood elementary schools, Chester A. Arthur and E.M. Stanton 

  • Foster a safer and more pleasant pedestrian environment 

  • Implement innovative traffic calming improvements to increase safety for residents and students


  • Every day, four children in Philadelphia are reported to be involved in traffic crashes. (*Vision Zero PHL Action Plan) 

  • At corners, curb extensions slow turning vehicles and increase the visibility of crossing pedestrians. (*Philadelphia Complete Streets Design Handbook)


  • Reduces crossing distance at intersection 

  • Keeps intersections and crosswalks clear to increase visibility for everyone 

  • Children can be seen when cars are not blocking corners 

  • Opens site lines for cars making turns

  • Slows traffic with narrower street openings 

  • Enhances neighborhood appearance 

  • Improves visibility of and for pedestrians at intersection

Proposed Pilot Intersetion Photo.png


SOSNA and Mural Arts Philadelphia are working on a series of street murals to improve traffic safety near E.M. Stanton and Chester Arthur Elementary Schools and we need your help!

Enter our Mural Contest to help inspire our artist!

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