Meet Emily Lenae Dieckmeyer – SOSNA Fall Intern

Hi, my name is Emily Lenae Dieckmeyer and I am the fall 2012 intern here at SOSNA. An undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Visual Studies and Urban Studies, I grew up between Anchorage, Alaska and Saint Louis, Missouri and have finally migrated all the way east to Philadelphia!

My main interests are in city planning and I’m especially fascinated by public space. I hope to study the interactions among people in and around public spaces, and how these interactions can be facilitated by design. I also work with visual design including graphic design, photography, and three-dimensional design.

SOSNA’s “ground level” approach is what first attracted me to the position. It struck me as very sincere and accessible, in other words, something I want to be a part of. I also have a growing interest in the meaning of “community” and am curious what kinds of communities are possible at different times and in different contexts. Many of SOSNA’s projects should help me delve deeper into these issues. I hope to contribute not only my design skills but also my positive energy and inquisitive spirit to SOSNA’s efforts during my stay.

Keep an eye out for me around the neighborhood and feel free to say hello! I would love to meet you and learn more about you as well.

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