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SOSNA has been managing the Triangle Plaza for a decade as a gathering space for neighbors. However, the Triangle Plaza is still considered a "temporary" space by the City. For years, we have been planning on making it a permanent space with raised sidewalks, increased greenery, and better furniture. We also envision more public space, and safer pedestrian and vehicle circulation, at Bainbridge Street. Both improvement plans to the streetscape would reinforce our small neighborhood commercial corridor and provide permanent public places for the entire community to gather at a scale that serves the neighborhood. This is all part of a large project we are calling the

Grays Ferry Triangles Gateway.

We can't do this without community support. The City has committed to making this project happen but we need neighbors to help raise funds for the design phase of the project. Though the total cost of the project is $3 million, which will be funded by state and local sources, we still need to raise $30,000 from the community to begin the design phase.


Your commitment will help make the dream of an incredible new pedestrian-oriented commercial corridor become a reality for our neighborhood.


After the design phase, the construction of the project will be funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

If you are interested in a business or foundation sponsorship with potential naming opportunities within the Triangle, please reach out to

Current Plans

In 2022, SOSNA drafted plans to:

- Make the Triangle permanent with updated landscaping, features, and amenities.

- Redesign 23rd Street and Grays Ferry Ave, Bainbridge, and 24th street to make the area more pedestrian-friendly, reduce the number of crossings, and improve traffic flow.


Stay tuned to the SOSNA page for upcoming meetings or sign up to receive SOSNA email alerts to find out when we will be hosting community meetings to discuss the project and hear community ideas.

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A key part of this project is reducing pedestrian crossings. In the draft plan on the right, the number of times pedestrians have to cross the street is reduced by eliminating two "slip lanes" on Grays Ferry Avenue. In addition, we envision curb bump-outs to slow traffic and reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians at all major intersections in the area.

We have also heard from neighbors that the bottleneck created at the intersection of Grays Ferry Avenue and Bainbridge results in significant backups and traffic issues further down Bainbridge and on 22nd street. We plan to alleviate this issue by reversing 24th street, which will allow northbound traffic on Grays Ferry Avenue to go up to South Street rather than be forced to turn right and down Bainbridge Street.

All of these plans are subject to change based on neighborhood feedback. Please reach out to us with any feedback on these draft plans and stay tuned for community meetings.

Help us make this plan a reality.


Donate or join the Vision Zero committee to help.


We're also looking for business and foundation sponsorships for potential naming opportunities. Reach out to