100 Donations by 2018.

We’re so excited to announce our first-ever online fundraising campaign starting on #GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017! Our goal is to get 100 donations by 2018.

On Tuesday, we're aiming to raise at least 50% of those 100 donations! Then with the help of neighbors, SOSNA Board, and local businesses we'll keep pushing to reach our goal by New Years Eve.

Projects in 2017

Here are some of our most successful programs through 2017. We are continuing to grow and expand these offerings through 2018 and beyond with your help!

Safety Committee

Light Up The Night

SOSNA held its 7th annual Light Up the Night event on Tuesday, August 1st. This family-friendly, community event is held to raise awareness about safety and crime prevention in the neighborhood, to get to know your neighbors, and to strengthen police-community partnerships. We hosted fun, family-friendly activities including a neighbor meet and greet and lawn games, bike registration, food trucks, and more.

Clean & Green Committee

Street Cleaning Pilot

SOSNA is pleased to announce the launch of our pilot street cleaning program! The program provides 20 hours of pan and broom street cleaning per week. You’ll likely see Tyrone cleaning in the weeks to come around the neighborhood. Please say hi and thank him for his work.

The program will continue based on community advocacy and financial contributions and focus on major commercial streets, highly trafficked streets, and streets that significantly contribute to overall neighborhood litter.

Community Outreach & Partnerships

Soup Group 3.0

Over the last three years, our committed COPS committee has created, implemented and evolved one of our most popular programs - Soup Group! What is Soup Group? Each Fall, participants are put together in groups of 5-6 people and alternate making a big batch of soup for the group each week. It's an opportunity to get to know some neighbors over a hearty meal.

In 2017, we've seen at 50% increase in the number of participants with close to 70 households involved, 12 soup groups. We also tried a new method of outreach using door hangers. With almost 2,000 distributed, the door hangers were a pilot to test if we could reach more members of our community, particularly those less likely to be online. This year was a great success and many wonderful soups are sure to be made. Help us make it even better next year!

Grays Ferry Triangle Committee

Summer Concert Series

This Summer, we hosted musical performances but local artists for kids and adults alike. The performances were accompanied by kids' dancing, a beer from Grace Tavern, or a bowl of frozen yogurt from The Igloo. In the warmer months, we've seen the Triangle space transform to be the neighborhood's backyard. Help us continue to provide year-round programming at this space by supporting SOSNA today!

Support SOSNA Today

Your donations to SOSNA can help us grow our campaigns and programs for everyone in our neighborhood.

Check out our committees' most successful programming below.