The Clean & Green Committee's main objective is to create and maintain a pleasant, clean atmosphere within the neighborhood. From block cleanups and street tree planting to stormwater management workshops and recycling drives, the committee partners with various government bodies to keep our neighborhood beautiful all year round.

Get Involved

The Clean & Green Committee meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the SOSNA office, 1901 Christian Street (unless otherwise noted).


Who Should Get Involved


If you’re interested in helping keep our neighborhood beautiful and sustainable, the Clean and Green Committee is an amazing way to get involved.

Want to host a clean up? We've got tools and supplies available for check out at our office! Schedule a time with our ED to come by and grab what you need.




Clean Block Reps

SOSNA Clean Block Reps are volunteers who educate neighbors about proper curbside trash and recycling collection, recruit and schedule neighbors for block clean ups, provide neighbors with access to SOSNA’s cleanup tool lending library, and identify contributors of neighborhood litter. 


Want to be a leader on your block? Email for more info.


Street Cleaning

Piloted in August 2017, SOSNA funded 20-hours a week of pan-and-broom street cleaning on heavily littered corridors in the neighborhood. A contract with ABM, Inc. lasted through October 2017 and cleaned 12 blocks per week and removed over 80 bags of trash from our streets. Due to unforeseen oversight issues, SOSNA was not able to continue the pilot and terminated its contract with ABM in March 2018. SOSNA aims to restart this program identifying a new contract with the help of referrals from other neighborhoods and financial support from corporate sponsors.


Tree Tenders

A group of trained volunteers who coordinate the delivery, planting, and maintenance of street trees throughout our neighborhood. Our organizers host two annual plantings - one in Spring and one in Fall. Signing up for Street Trees is free through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. In 2018, Tree Tenders have planted 45 trees and pruned/maintained more than 50 trees in the neighborhood.

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Carpenter Green Park

Carpenter Green Park aims to be an urban oasis at 17th and Carpenter Streets the heart of the Graduate Hospital neighborhood. This park has been in development since 2014, reaching its funding goal in 2018. Hardscaping and construction is expected in Fall 2018 with a seasonal planting and groundbreaking in Spring of 2019.


"Hold Your Butts" Cigarette Litter Campaign

SOSNA is a Keep Philadelphia Cigarette Litter Micro-grant recipient in 2018. This grant is funding the purchase of custom cigarette litter receptacles to be placed in front of commercial businesses on the South Street West corridor. Thus far, installed 3 receptacles and have buy-in from 8 local businesses/organizations to maintain and empty the receptacles. Receptacle contents will be shipped to Terracycle in New Jersey for the cigarette butts to be made into benches.


Holiday Tree Recycling

Each year, we host a tree recycling service for a pay-what-you want fee. The trees are broken down into wood chips and used for compost or playgrounds around the city. This past year, we raised over $1,000 for the Friends of Carpenter Green Park.


The recycling event usually takes place on the first weekend of January.