2011 Board Nominee – Michael Showell

2011 Board Nominee – Michael Showell

Personal Statement: Why I am interested in being on the Board of SOSNA.

I am interested in being on the SOSNA Board of Directors because I want to continue to serve and help the neighborhood that I live in and love tremendously. I would like to continue to unlock all the potential Southwest Center City has to offer to our residents, as well as all Pennsylvanians.

Ways I have participated in SOSNA or the community in the past.

I have served as a SOSNA Board of Directors for the last three years and on the Executive Board as Recording Secretary for the past year. I have served as a co-Board liaison to the Economic Development Committee and the Zoning Workgroup for the last nine months. I helped implement neighborhood cleanup initiatives, participated on the Clean & Green Committee and the Safety Committee. I have contributed to other SOSNA initiatives including: general meetings, neighborhood planning, cross-town coalitions and the South Street West Business Association (SSWBA). Through the Clean & Green Committee, I implemented the Junior Neighborhood Ambassadors program, while working closely with our program coordinator, during the summer of 2010.

Skills, experience, energy, relationships, and/or interests I will bring to the Board that will help SOSNA continue to create a positive community impact.

I hope to continue to bring a youthful vantage, a personal/work/school schedule that allows for availability, and a genuine interest in continuing the infusion of youth into city planning and positively interacting with our community. I am taking the Citizens Planning Institute’s Fall 2011 course to be a conduit in order to infuse the information into SOSNA’s planning initiatives.

What I hope to accomplish as a Board member (relate to SOSNA initiatives).

As a SOSNA board member I hope to continue participating on the Clean & Green Committee in order to keep the neighborhood as beautiful as it can be and to uncover more solutions to solve our remaining blighted areas. I look forward to continuing to serve as a leader on the SOSNA Executive Board and to continually plan towards a SOSNA newsletter.

I think that SOSNA as an organization is important to our community because . . .

I think SOSNA, as an organization is important to our community because it allows people in the neighborhood to have a voice and an outlet to act upon their desires. I believe it is important for our residents to engage with one another during our events and meetings. SOSNA is on the cusp of shaping the neighborhood’s commercial corridors/boundaries that will define the direction of our area’s future!

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