2011 Board Nominee – Jocelyn Gabrynowicz Hill

2011 Board Nominee – Jocelyn Gabrynowicz Hill

Personal Statement: Why I am interested in being on the Board of SOSNA.

I would like to continue my involvement in the community by serving a second three year term on SOSNA.

Ways I have participated in SOSNA or the community in the past.

I am currently finishing my first three year term on SOSNA. I was elected by the Board to the position of Corporate Secretary. In this position I am responsible for reviewing external correspondence from SOSNA to ensure it complies with our mission and policies; and I am responsible for risk management, including insurance placement and claims, as well as reviewing contracts. I have also been involved in implementing many policies and procedures to ensure that the organization runs smoothly and transparently. Unrelated to SOSNA, I am also a committee person for the 11th division of the 30th ward.

Skills, experience, energy, relationships, and/or interests I will bring to the Board that will help SOSNA continue to create a positive community impact.

Since I moved to Philadelphia in 2004, I have been involved in a variety of boards, including the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and Operation HomeFront, a nonprofit organization that provides support to troops and their families. I have also been involved in a number of political campaigns, including Nutter for Mayor and Generation Obama.

What I hope to accomplish as a Board member (relate to SOSNA initiatives).

If I am elected to a second three year term, I hope to remain involved in risk management for the organization. I also hope to focus on ensuring that SOSNA is able to fundraise enough money to become self sufficient, in the event the Pathmark grant that currently funds SOSNA becomes unavailable.

I think that SOSNA as an organization is important to our community because . . .

I think SOSNA is important to our community because it is a resource to neighbors, both for services and for information. SOSNA also has the important function of fostering positive growth and development in the neighborhood. Finally, SOSNA is a way for neighbors to meet each other and learn about what is going on in the neighborhood.

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