2011 Board Nominee – Jennifer Leupold

2011 Board Nominee – Jennifer Leupold

Personal Statement: Why I am interested in being on the Board of SOSNA.

I am interested in being a part of the board at SOSNA because I see the positive impact SOSNA has had on our neighborhood. My husband and I own a home at 24th and Carpenter, and I work at the YMCA on 17th and Christian. As someone who is quite vested in the neighborhood, I feel SOSNA has the tremendous opportunity to help shape the growth of the community.

Ways I have participated in SOSNA or the community in the past.

I first became active with SOSNA in 2009 through several Neighborhood Clean Up days and by taking advantage of the free recycling bin program. I’ve attended quite a few of the SOSNA-sponsored and community events, including Bloktoberfest, the South Street Bridge Opening Party at the Triangle, the Triangles Parking/Planning community planning meeting, various Zoning Meetings, PSA meetings, and the list goes on.

This year I’ve been actively participating on the Safety Committee, including helping with Officer Appreciation Night events and the Lights On! Picnic at Julian Abele Park. Additionally, I volunteer with neighborhood group FoCA (Friends of Chester A. Arthur) to help support my local public school. Last year I volunteered with the SWCC Rock, Run and Roll event, and depending on my level of motivation to train in the next few weeks, will either run or volunteer again this year.

Skills, experience, energy, relationships, and/or interests I will bring to the Board that will help SOSNA continue to create a positive community impact.

I have a degree in Journalism but have spent 10 years working for not-for-profits. I am a great planner, and am experienced in special events, fund raisers, community awareness campaigns, and building relationships. I am also an experienced grant writer, and am glad to help in any capacity in which SOSNA has a need.

What I hope to accomplish as a Board member (relate to SOSNA initiatives).

I plan to continue to work with the Safety Committee in improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. We can do this by improving the walkability of our streets, working with the Neighborhood Watch, and strengthening our relationship with the police. Many of our elected officials have publically promised assistance to our community relating to the drugs, violence and crimes of mischief that we all experience. We also can work with the city to promote programming that gives kids safe after school experiences.

I think that SOSNA as an organization is important to our community because . . .

…it connects residents like me with others who are excited about working together, making SWCC a great place in which to live, work and raise a family.

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